Surgical Hair Restoration

Overland Park Surgical Hair Restoration Doctor, TK Shiao, M.D. offers Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Surgical Hair Restoration procedures for patients with significant hair loss and pattern balding. Each of these Surgical Hair Restoration procedures involves transplanting hair follicles from a donor area on the patients’ own head or body. While FUT and FUE Surgical Hair Restoration methods both allow you to achieve a natural looking result and new hair growth from the transplanted follicles, the procedures used to achieve this final outcome are quite different.

FUT Surgical Hair Restoration

The FUT surgical hair transplant procedure became available in the late 1990s and has remained popular since that time. After providing you with local anesthesia, TK Shiao, M.D. procures a donor strip from the back of your scalp that typically measures one to two centimeters. He then immediately sutures the wound using a process called trichophyte closure to ensure minimal scarring. The size of your donor strip depends on the number of hair follicles you require for transfer to your balding areas. Each follicle that Dr. Tk harvests contains between one and four individual hair strands. This allows for a natural and seamless appearance once your transplanted hair follicles stimulate the growth of permanent new hair strands.

After obtaining your donor strip, Dr. Tk places each follicular unit for transfer into a cold saline solution until his surgical team is prepared to dissect and trim them. This process requires extreme precision to ensure that no follicles break before they can be transferred. The next step is for Dr. Tk to transfer the extracted follicles to their new location. He must place them into extremely small slits using the Shiao micro-implanter. He invented this patent pending device that allows for maximum precision in the follicle transfer process.

TK Shiao, M.D. uses the mixed grafting technique to help restore your natural hairline. This means that he places single hairs in front followed by rows of two, three, and four-hair follicles for a look of natural fullness and a well defined hairline.

FUE Surgical Hair Restoration

FUE Surgical Hair Restoration is a less invasive procedure compared to FUT because it does not require the donor follicles be taken from a strip of the scalp, meaning no scalpel, no stiches, and no linear scarring. The FUE method allows Dr. TK to take donor follicles from a large area on the scalp or body instead of from one strip or confined area. FUE Surgical Hair Restoration is also used in the latest advancements in eyebrow and eyelash restoration. The precise ability to harvest individual follicles allows Dr. TK to help his patients achieve amazing, natural, scar free eyebrow and eyelash restoration results.

FUE typically costs more than FUT because the process of harvesting individual hair follicles is extremely time-consuming. Some patients need to return to Dr. Tk’s office for additional sessions because of this. Recently, he invented the 4D FUE that provides significant improvement in the cutting path, speed, and hair grafts extracted per minute. The 4D technique dramatically reduces the time required for FUE to make it more on par with the length of the FUT procedure. This helps to lower the cost as well.

No matter which surgical hair restoration procedure you have completed, you will see the growth of fuzzy new hair within the first few weeks. This quickly falls out to make way for the permanent new hair growth that appears within six months of surgery. Your new hair will look just like your remaining hair in color, density, and other unique characteristics. Dr. Tk may also recommend low level laser therapy (LLLT) to help stimulate the production of new hair follicles after surgery.

Overland Park Surgical Hair Restoration Dr. TK is happy to answer any questions you have about FUT or FUE. Please schedule a consultation at Dr. TK Hair Clinic today to help you decide which surgical hair restoration procedure may be right for you.